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Freedom is thrust upon us in our late teens and early twenties, so which wanton and c@ck hungry woman with an insatiable sexual appetite would pass up the opportunity to get down and dirty on the grass for some midnight adult play next to a caravan where the guy's family sleeps innocently as he shags filthily.
I had a plan to try and sleep with a man from every country in the world. I lured my South African via cyber sex to my London bedsit with the promise of him losing his anal virginity. It worked in that I had sex with a South African and could check off that box, but the price my bottom had to pay with his inexperience was memorable and kinda sexy.
Me at 30 years old having a one night stand with a 19 year old on a staircase with public access on a cold night in Romford, Essex. It may sound uncomfortable but it was distinctly sexy and allowed for a lot of supported positions for some deep penetrative sex.
Kind of all in the title - a little saucy insight into how to conduct a sex life when you share a room with a teenage boy.
A thirty year old woman taking the virginity of a sweet sixteen - sexy and hot.