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Worship at her altar.
Are there health or hygiene issues involved in performing cunnilingus and analingus in the same session? In other words, is it safe to lick an asshole and then lick a pussy?
I wasn't sure about receiving analingus, but after my submissive talked me into it, I absolutely adore ass worship. It's pure bliss.
My response can't be translated into words--it's an unintelligible growl, fevered skin, soaked panties, and pangs of I-can't-quite-describe-what... equally present in my heart and in my cunt.
Erotic tales and photos of sexual sacrifice and temptation. Did you give up sex for lent? What can you not give up for 40 days and 40 nights? Times I have given in to temptation.
I was worshipped by a male sub and at a party for public consumption. He asked me to beat him and trample him.
Best way to spend Super Bowl Sunday is watching the football game from a queening chair. Wanna come to my party?