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I am often asked by couples, what’s it like in a swingers club? People seem to be intimidated by the idea of going to a lifestyle club because they think that it’s a place where they can be molested or forced to engage in something they don’t want. Many also fear that they will be recognized by someone they know from their public life or work. Well, before we had our first time at a club we had all those fears too. But then curiosity and lust won and we decided to try it. Since then we’ve been to many clubs in many cities around the world and have enjoyed our visits, for the most time.
Imagine this. There is only one kind of food in your fridge: the best and most expensive yogurt you can ever find. It’s delicious and full of health benefits. You can get unlimited supplies of it for free on one condition: you have to eat nothing else but it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How long do you think will it take before you end up in a hospital with a severe digestive disorder or a mental health problem? A week, two weeks… two days? You don’t like yogurt? OK, replace it with your favorite food: Maine lobster, Kobe beef, black caviar… The condition remains that you can only eat this one type of food every day. You get the picture?
It seems that there is a vast number of couples who are only looking for a female to play with them. For those who have the illusion that it might be easy, let me dispel it: it is not! There is a reason why they are called unicorns. Why is it so hard to find them?