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Masturbator sleeve from Tenga. Great texture!
Normally, I don't share my sexual experiences just to share them. I place them within a context of some kind to tell a bigger picture that I have in mind. This post is an exception to that rule. I was inspired to write this based on an email from a reader. Although I'm in my early 30's, the best sexual experience I ever had was about 6 weeks ago.
I came up with this list for people who are interested in and aren't sure where to get started. I came across a lot of them while I was searching for an ANR (adult nursing relationship) close to me. Towards the end, I included a few of my favorite videos. Enjoy!
After posting about my Daddy issues, I realized that I forgot two of them. I just wanted to write about them quickly, as I would feel remiss if I didn't mention them.
Things have changed a little bit since I last posted this. Relationships have changed and things have heated up with some of my Daddies. With others, things have dropped off a lot.
Right now, I am seeing or talking to a handful of men, each with their own issues and requirements.