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The last four months have been incredibly difficult and even though I tried very hard, I have not managed to stay on the LCHF wagon.
It's been four months since I started my weight loss journey, living the LCHF lifestyle, and I am feeling really good, and have lost 11 kilograms!
Week 12 of my LCHF journey has not been a good one because of meds I had to take. However, I am sharing one of my favorite lunch recipes.
Almost 11 weeks into this weight loss journey, I am happy with the results and now sharing one of my average dieting days.
After dieting for two months it is amazing that you can spot the difference, especially when two similar images are posted alongside each other.
Due to health problems and overweight I have decided to follow a LCHF (low carbs, high fat) diet. This is about my experiences with the diet.
discovering my curves through masturbation and exploration