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Peeing in public is a subtype of the Urophilia fetish. This post covers why people find it arousing, how to tell your partner and how to make it hot!
A post for Kink of the Week and Wicked Wednesday
Hours of new, soaking wet videos, dozens of high-res pics and lots of gifs!
I normally don't advertise things for sale on my blog, but I have become one of Sinna's very happy customers myself and I just couldn't help sharing the WetLuv ♥ Why not stop in at say hi, and help support this sweet, wet gem in her journey to bring us what we all love so much... Keep WetLuv Alive!! This isn't staged porn... this is beautifully wet reality!! I'm sure you'll agree!
This is a true tale about some intimate watersports/piss play, and how my owner chose to mark me one Saturday morning.
Mrs. Kelly’s impotent cuck daydreams about giving up his place in her life. Mrs. Kelly has a different idea.
♥ Self Piss, Golden Showers, Lots of Deliciously Wet Love for Lexi ♥ A new collection of mouth-watering photos and videos, dedicated to naughty, hot @ASamanthaSexton…  a dear friend!
♥ WetLuv - Some XXXtremely Bizarre and Tasty Piss Play ♥ (2 piss soaked hours of delicious videos... and some pics and gifs)
Three homemade pee play compilations. They're basically a vision of everything I love most about Pee Play. I edited the clips together, slowed them down a bit and added some of my own favorite music, since I just found the soundtracks too annoying.
Sometimes your kinkiest desires can be difficult, impractical or just plain messy. Baby oil is one such bit of naughtiness. Beyond a few squirts and a bit of erotic massage you enter into a scenario that requires a huge sheet