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We’ve all done it and we know that you all like to read about it. Why? Because you naughty people are always searching for posts about masturbation on this site. It doesn’nt matter what you call it, wanking, rubbing one out, jerking off, flicking your bean … We’ve noticed how much you love to read accounts of other people masturbating and help on new techniques to make masturbation even more fun.

So whether you’re interested in posts about using your hand or toys you’ll find them all here in our masturbation section.

A man, keeping himself on the brink
Watching his partner pleasure herself
Am I, or am I not, having a wank?
The wanker who doesn't wank
How I wank
Daddy gives his little girl a present and teases her mercilessly
Phone sex in the office!
Alternative view to a previous story entitled Confession. A naught priest repents.
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A lovely encounter as she takes me in hand