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The difference between sexual and non-sexual nakedness
What does it look like when someone is emotionally fearless? Why I, as a Domme, look for that in a submissive
It was so easy to watch her standing in front of me. In my mind I had already envisioned what she would look like nude. When she undressed in front of me and stood with her arms stretched above her head I wanted nothing more than to run my hands over her body. I thought, for a brief moment, how it would feel to place feather light kisses across her skin with my lips. Shes fucking beautiful! I could have watched her standing there for hours.
Recently, I was inspired by Ds post on ass worship in which D courageously admitted she has a fuck ton of hang-ups body image issues, insecurities, a history of bad sex, fear of embarrassment, gender enculturation, etc that she cant just turn off. Further Ferns, owner of Domme-Chronicles, went on to comment Im similar to you with ass play in that I have to know that he *really* wants to go there or Im uncomfortable with it. Interestingly, I find many men have those same insecurities, which I think is completely adorable. If I pay attention to a guys ass when he hasnt had that before, he gets turned on and mortified and shy and kind of horrified and vulnerable, and I have to bring him into it with me Yum! These statements resona