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Coming home to find your husband in bed with another woman....
a story about a man masturbating while the neighbor lady watched him
There's only one thing Chris loves more than fucking; fucking with his fingers! And tonight, he's going to do what he loves most to his best friend's girl - while his bestie sleeps beside her...
A lone woman is bound to a chair, her legs spread wide, while twelve hard cocks queue up to use and abuse her. What would her husband think?
A story for sneezing fetish fans
Eyes on me but avoiding my face, she bit her lip and did something that shocked the shit out of me. Inch by inch, she ever so slowly lifted her silvery skirt to her thighs.
If voyeurism does it for you...
sinful sunday image. looking through a window while sassy gets dressed
Daddy gives his little girl a present and teases her mercilessly
If you walk naked inside your house, what do you do when you spot a Peeping Tom outside your window?