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I have had the pleasure of reviewing the Secrets series of DVDís from Viv Thomas.
Viv Thomasís third in his Secrets range of DVDs is out and Suze
My collection of Viv Thomas films
Iíve been trying to find out about some of the girls that appear in Viv Thomasí productions. One of my favourites is Sophie Moone but finding out accurate information about some adult performers is very difficult.
I was reading the other day about the effect of UK laws pertaining to pornographic DVDs on Vivís business. If youíre not familiar with the UKís stance on adult movies hereís the deal. Up until about 10 years ago it was illegal to sell anything other than soft core titles in the UK. Thatís not to say that it didnít go on. Originals and copies of VHS tapes and DVDs were circulating but they were subject to the obscene publications act.