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Virgin at 41 - I am Rob, a 41-year-old guy and a VIRGIN. I have never been kissed or touched. Certainly not shagged, how can you work with that?
Virginity is a strange concept. What actually is it? If a definition had to be assigned the words used would be along the lines of “someone who has never had sexual intercourse”. But is it more complicated than that?
The time with my straight hippy roommate
Sex mistakes that taught me a lessons. Boy do I have some good advice for the 'virgin' me. Risks I've taken and risks I'd like to take. Life happens and we grow from those experiences.
A memory of a first time that seemed so long a go now
My five most memorable and amazing moments of sex: first time finger fucked , spanking, having my pussy fucked with odds-n-ends for hours on end, and so much more. Check it out.
Do you really want to take someone’s virginity? It’s a bug responsibility, well it seems that way to me. Perhaps I’m a little behind
I've got a new pussy!
Flash Fiction Friday post...two girls and a dildo