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Sex toy videos, sex videos, amateur porn and other filthy perverted video from the minds of our depraved members. Men and women using sex toys on themselves and each other.
... you dress left or right? Take the informal survey.
This is Maria Ozawa (Wikipedia). She is a Japanese porn star, born of a Japanese mother and a French-Canadian father, giving her a very sexy combination look. Something about this video really works for me. It must be the way she and her partner are all oiled up and then how she slides her rather perfect body across his in a variety of positions.
I don't want to just touch myself, I want TO HUMP. With video
The extras include interviews with Dylan and Mickey, along an anatomy PowerPoint by Sherry Winston, RN. The best special feature, though, was the great g-spot myth-busting presentation and anatomy lesson with Dr. Queen. She’s got a big stuffed vulva! I want one!! Wait! I LOVE A STUFFED VULVA (who doesn’t?!), but I mean she has a stuffed vulva DEMONSTRATION PILLOW!! awesome_vulva_mini Seriously…how awesome IS THIS thing??!! This part of the movie was WAY MORE INFORMATIVE and WAY MORE HELPFUL than the call in question and answers early in the show.
KOTD Series
Girls. In Boots. A hot video.
Tabitha talks about the crazy stunts and crazy sex behind the mind-bending psychological porn thriller "Sanitarium"
My review of Tristan Taormino's video focusing on giving anal pleasure to a man. Very good DVD!
My question for the babeland holiday vulva
My review of the Official Friday the 13th porn