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Sex toy videos, sex videos, amateur porn and other filthy perverted video from the minds of our depraved members. Men and women using sex toys on themselves and each other.
Sexy, fun, thought-provoking, humorous look at a hedonistic smart chick via song. Answering TMI Tuesday questions with song titles.
Designed to look like a UFO, this strange little silicone vibrator from Fun Factory is rechargeable and waterproof, with a control pad that lights up like tractor beams waiting to abduct you. It's part of Fun Factory's Free Vibes line, and I just posted my review of it! Check it out!
Quite a bit of research has gone into this review. When I found out Swan makes vibrators very similar to the Jopen (CalExotics in disguise) Vanity line, I freaked and didn't want to review anything by Leaf (aka Swan). Rest assured, it's alright, though. Completely safe. No need to panic.
The We-Vibe 3 has come a long way from the original. To fully understand what makes it so much better, check out the evolution of the We-Vibe in my review. Also included is a video demo!
N'jaila shares her naked thoughts on Exxxotica NJ while naked
Giving an update on why I've been MIA
This week's TMI Tuesday is "Gone Hollywood". Five questions and a bonus question to answer and post on your blog Tuesday, September 27, 2011.
Third time's a charm but it looks like Exxxotica NJ is going to make its senior effort even more extravagant and exciting than before.
A fun way to find out if the object of your desire is vanilla or kinky...LOL. You'll enjoy this cute 'n' kinky tune and you'll be humming it later, too.
bad waitress gets spanked repeatedly, in front of customers, due to her giving poor service