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Sex toy videos, sex videos, amateur porn and other filthy perverted video from the minds of our depraved members. Men and women using sex toys on themselves and each other.
A thorough and honest review of the Pipedreams Icicles No7 Glass Dildo. This dildo is covered in raised bumps which blissfully stimulate with every thrust. Includes video review.
"I didn't cry until it was over. I hadn't realized I wasn't crying until the spanking had stopped, and then suddenly I was overcome with a rush of tears. They were exhausted but happy tears, not born of pain but of the elation that comes with survival. It wasn't the punishment that I'd survived, however, it was its absence. Now, spring had sprung in bright red and pink blooms across the pale winter expanse of my backside." Plus a not-very-hidden "easter egg" link to a tawsing video we made a while back.
His praise warmed and comforted me, warred with the humiliation and embarrassment of watching myself.
A round-up of interesting stuff from the internet this week
Doc here, a man who some say spent hours this evening in his editing bay preparing a set of 3 awesome videos of the A-Z Couple for you, the good readers of The Journal. This Hartford-based couple turned the mighty Art Cinema on it's ear at their last event, Mardi Gras at the Art. This young vixen has an amazing body, an adorable face, and a sexual appetite beyond reproach.
One of my favorite people in this thing of ours is Katie, the ToyLovingMILF. She and her hubby, D, have been long time contributors to The Journal. They have traveled across the country to several of the top adult theaters, from 15th Ave. in Chicago, to The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and many points in between. Katie and D are regulars at 15th Ave.'s monthly big events, hosted by The Good Doctor. Katie not only has a blast at the events, she will be the first one on stage playing nearly naked Twister, or a pervy version of Simon Says.
My video review of the Rosa Rouge vibrator
Putting on a Skype show for my master
A extremely funny sexual musical parody.
Join me in the bath for my video review of the Revel Body Sol vibrator