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how kink helped get over trauma
overcoming past trauma by being tied
Despite his insistence that I view it as rape, I simply and honestly don’t, nor do I wish to.
Some people want trigger warnings on literature and blogs, others don't. What is your opinion on this?
Due to a number of factors, there is a common belief in the vanilla sector that those of us who enjoy BDSM are somehow broken or that if we are just loved enough, they can ‘heal’ us. Those of us who are sadistic are following in the footsteps of an abusive parent. Those who enjoy pain and being whipped with a belt or what not need to relive their childhood beatings in hopes of banishing the terror left inside from the past abuse.
Recently, I was inspired by D’s post on ass worship in which D courageously admitted she has a “fuck ton of hang-ups — body image issues, insecurities, a history of bad sex, fear of embarrassment, gender enculturation, etc” that she can’t just turn off. Further Ferns, owner of Domme-Chronicles, went on to comment “I’m similar to you with ass play in that I have to know that he *really* wants to go there or I’m uncomfortable with it. Interestingly, I find many men have those same insecurities, which I think is completely adorable. If I pay attention to a guy’s ass when he hasn’t had that before, he gets turned on and mortified and shy and kind of horrified and vulnerable, and I have to bring him into it with me… Yum!” These statements resona
Once upon a time, I had this switch. I guess it's a form of dissociation. I could just flip my emotions on and off at will. I suppose if I tried hard enough, I could find it again. But I don't want to. I want to feel. I want to heal. No matter how difficult it is.
About sexual abuse as a child