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The trials that come with being an s-type who spends most of her time as a top.
When I started in the local scene, my dom at the time didn't allow me to bottom, so I learned to service top to have something to do.
a wicked-smart, hot, kinky woman who thinks about her place in the world.... and decides her place is on top of you? Priceless. ;)
After you've found your submissive, where do you take her or him to play?
I have thought about whether I might be more likely to orgasm with a partner if wasnít stymied by my own physical and mental intervention. Part of my orgasm problem is that Iím too stuck in my own headĖI think too much about whether or not it will happen, how much discomfort Iím causing, how long itís taking, what treatment for a sprained tongue might entail, etc. Itís certainly not Jís problem. I swear his mouth is magicĖhe knows what heís doing and he enjoys doing it. Itís my problem. I canít seem to let go enough to allow him do what he does so well.
So, no, submission doesnít play a role in my fantasies. Submissives, however, do play a role in my fantasies. :) Sometimes thereís just one subÖ sometimes there are two or threeÖ sometimes itís a girlÖ. wait, what was I talking aboutÖ?