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Alternating between pushing my fingers deep inside my cunt and rubbing them along my clit, I drifted back to that day. I suddenly became aware that my deep and throaty breaths were becoming quite loud. The last thing I wanted to do was stir Laura from her slumber and be discovered with my hand up my pussy. Or, did I? How would Laura react? Would she jump on top of me and place her fingers inside me?
My impatience takes hold and I begin to pump my fist on to my cock. In only a few seconds I begin to spurt a shower of cum across my stomach and chest. The hot sticky fluid splashed onto me turning me on even more. If only Tracy were here to lick it off. If only I could slide my fingers into her moist snatch.
He guided his thick hard cock in to me with his hand. Precarious as my position was it facilitated just enough pelvic tilt for Gary to grind in to me. And that he did, his pubescent cock wanting to feast on my pussy. I placed my arms around his shoulders for added stability as I rose up to meet his thrusts.