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Me at 30 years old having a one night stand with a 19 year old on a staircase with public access on a cold night in Romford, Essex. It may sound uncomfortable but it was distinctly sexy and allowed for a lot of supported positions for some deep penetrative sex.
Is Christmas sex better than New Year's sex. Read about a few of my more interesting real sex experiences over my slutty behaviour whilst taking in 100 cocks over my twenties. Festive Fun for Everyone!
REAL SEX STORY - My attempt at a threesome aged 30 with a lovely 17 year old boy thrown into the mix. Getting down and dirty on the kitchen floor. Oh to be young again.
Real sex with a very hot Asian PE teacher, sadistic sexual practises, a bad case of 'Squid Eye' and other sexy but embarassing moments in bed.
A real life sex story about some alfresco play (think cocktails, think 'sex on the beach) with a smooth operator who had some slick moves to get me wet.
So one fateful night I was feeling saucy and sordid in a naughty nightclub and had the opportunity to perform publicly; only the boy i focussed my oral attentions was NOT 19 after all - oops!
When you're a 28 year old woman there's something kind of hot knowing that the guy you are fucking is wearing a uniform from Monday to Friday – that is a 17 year old boy wearing his Sixth Form school uniform. Very naughty but still acceptable and appropriate. Teaching this type of youngster can be very hard work with a lot of embarrassing mishaps, but what else can you expect from an inexperienced teen.
A thirty year old woman taking the virginity of a sweet sixteen - sexy and hot.