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A fun bit-o-art in a tattooish style featuring a switch mistress in red along with babble about low libido and needing a jump start on the mojo
Day 4 of the 30 days of submission BDSM meme. Discusses the time when I identified as a switch, the control I have and dominance.
"Breaking" a submissive means different things to different people. It can mean deep subspace, giving up resistance, emotional catharsis, or extreme breaking that changes people.
Make me believe you want me even half as much as I want you.
With parted lips and a hungry mouth, he tasted my wetness and my wanting. I gave only momentary protest before I let him drown between my thighs.
A domme meets a switch for a weekend in Sydney
A female submissive learns that she has power over men. Contemplates being a pro domme and other insights.
I've been horny all weekend. Masturbating, fucking, masturbating, fucking. I'm a sub. My Dom controls the what and when of sex. But Saturday night I wanted to do dirty things to him. So while he was sleeping, I lowered my throbbing pussy onto his face and rode him...face-sitting, cunnilingus, sex.