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Swinging has in certain forms been practiced for centuries. Reasonably reliable accounts date back to the 16th century, but unrecorded incidents may stretch back millennia.

Partner swapping, wife swapping or swinging, whatever you like to call it is different for every couple. It requires a strong relationship and that both halves of the couple understand the boundaries of the swaps and what their partner is happy for them to indulge in.

Therefore communication is key to successful swinging.

If you want to read more about swinging then you’ve come to the right place. All the posts listed below are by bloggers talking about swinging in one form or another

Have you ever considered using a dating site? No that’s not such a silly question. There are all sorts of dating sites on the Internet which range from the more conventional organisations who
Doc here, a man who some say has the water-repelling traits of a wood duck, with the promised update on the status of Penthouse Magazine's article on adult theaters & The Good Doctor (as well as some familiar names from The Journal's 5+ year history). It's been almost a calender year since the Good Doctor sat down for the first of a few conversations with the awesome author Mike "McBeardo" McPadden in a secret location in the Wicker Park section of Chicago. Our dialog eventually was translated into a terrific article by Mike that we cannot wait to share with you (and also features some sexy ladies familiar to regular readers of the Journal).
Doc here, a man who some say is the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla, with an exceptional Couple's Flash Report AND Visit Announcement from my good friends Meathead and NawtNurse. The Good Doctor had the pleasure of meeting Meathead and NawtNurse at a private gathering of naked bodies and bad intentions last year, and folks, NawtNurse is not to be missed.
Doc here with a detailed survey of some of Las Vegas' adult theaters from senior reporter The Oral Reporter. Here we go...
The world has changed a lot in the last two decades so what next for one of the oldest and biggest B2C fairs in Europe as it “comes of age”? This year the Venus fair in Berlin is 18 years old. So in one respect it’s finally old enough to do all the things it’s been doing in the previous 18 years.
n the last two weeks, you may have read a report featuring the extremely hot MS. PIPY, who along with her partner in crime, The Escort, is just starting their adult theater journey. Their first trip is planed in the next month or so, and they asked The Good Doctor for some pointers. You can read that report HERE.
s I stated on Friday 2/20, The Good Doctor is getting hammered in questions via e-mail as of late that as a whole, would benefit many readers of The Journal. Thus, the re-birth of The Good Doctor's Mailbag. Well kids, we are officially kicking off the Mailbag with a great question from Ms. Pipy and her hubby. Here we go!
In the 1970s there was a lot of talk of swinging. Back then the cliché was a fruit bowl in the middle of the coffee table with car keys thrown in for each one of the ladies in turn to fish out. I say cliché because being rather young at the time I can’t
I was asked a few days ago a pretty obvious question, “Are men who visit escorts cheaters?”
oc here with a whopper of Flash Report from senior reporter H-Man, and his crazy Friday night (1/2/15) at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. It was a night highlighted by my good friends The Sexual Athletes (in an advertised visit), and the return of K&M, a hot couple making a return visit to The Art Cinema.