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Swinging has in certain forms been practiced for centuries. Reasonably reliable accounts date back to the 16th century, but unrecorded incidents may stretch back millennia.

Partner swapping, wife swapping or swinging, whatever you like to call it is different for every couple. It requires a strong relationship and that both halves of the couple understand the boundaries of the swaps and what their partner is happy for them to indulge in.

Therefore communication is key to successful swinging.

If you want to read more about swinging then you’ve come to the right place. All the posts listed below are by bloggers talking about swinging in one form or another

Doc here, a man who some say can dance, puts on his red shoes and dances the blues, with the Box Score from this past Saturday night's HUGE Summer Lingerie Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.
his past Tuesday JP and JP's Slut Toy put on a energetic performance at 15th Ave. Adult Theater (I am dying to get a report on the evening, so if you were there, please e-mail a report HERE and I will get it up ASAP.) It was a crazy visit to say the least, per multiple outlets.
Journal contributor The Gentleman Pervert is taking his New Girl to Talk of the Town Video this Friday, July 10th, for a visit and to enjoy the movies. if thing go well, who knows what one would see from them. Guys at Talk of the Town, this is for you. I know some of you from back in the day, but many I don't any longer (it's been a long time). Do yourself a HUGE favor...Do not rush this New Girl, and listen to the instructions of The Gentleman Pervert. Trust me, slow and steady is the rule of this night. Don't disappoint The Good Doctor.
Doc here, a man who some say has the recipe for Fresca memorized, with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from my good friend, the amazing Gemini. You see dear friends, Gemini, along with her hubby Jordan, and the poet laureate of adult theater reports, Brent in Portland, hit the road two weekends ago. Their destination was Seattle, and their intent questionable. Adult theaters and ABS locations were programmed with their GPS lady, and off they went in search of hi-jinks.
Doc here, a man who some say finished 5th at a blueberry pie eating contest on the 4th, with a special Couple's Flash Report (for a couple of different reasons). First of all, please welcome to The Journal, first time contributors Mr. Loving Husband (LH) and his wife, LovingWife (Love). LH and Love have done a tremendous job on their first report, and it's a tag team effort! Love goes first with her point of view on an evening at Xposed in Dallas, TX. And when she is wrapped up, LH steps up and gives his perspective on the evening and events.
Doc here a man who some say once hypnotized a goat with his mustache, with a Flash report from 2nd time contributor, StellarWing. StellarWing ventured to Adultworld in Pulaski, PA, and has filed this report. Take it away, sir.
Doc here, a man who some say was the Food and Beverage Chairman of the Tangiers Casino in Vegas, with a terrific brand new Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors, The Adventurous MD Couple. Prior to their trip, I talked with them and made a few suggestions on where one might find some sin in the city. The good news is that found some, and this is their report from this past 4th of July weekend.
This Saturday, 7/11/15 at 8pm in Chicago.
The mighty Art Cinema of Hartford, CT will be hosting their next big event on Saturday July 18th at 7pm - Beach Blanket Bango. To promote this event, The Good Doctor whipped up a little something to get your juices going for the event.
Doc here, a man who some say was once known as "The Amazing Musto" in Ringling Bros./ Barnum & Baily Circus in the late 80's, with a long overdue House Call Report on an amzing Saturday night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 2/28/15. Every once in a great while, The Good Doctor is given the opportunity to tag team a report with one of the talented reporters here at The Journal. This report is one of those, and my tag team partner is the legnedary Vickie the Vixen.