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Swinging has in certain forms been practiced for centuries. Reasonably reliable accounts date back to the 16th century, but unrecorded incidents may stretch back millennia.

Partner swapping, wife swapping or swinging, whatever you like to call it is different for every couple. It requires a strong relationship and that both halves of the couple understand the boundaries of the swaps and what their partner is happy for them to indulge in.

Therefore communication is key to successful swinging.

If you want to read more about swinging then you’ve come to the right place. All the posts listed below are by bloggers talking about swinging in one form or another

ell ladies and gentlemen, the moment thousands of you have been waiting for. It's time for Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into this thing of ours. You have read the "who & why", and you have read the "how & when." Now it's time to digest the "what happened?" The Good Doctor's in-box has been blowing up since we started this series, asking when the next editions are coming out, or "has Holly gone to the theater yet?". Patience my friends...It is all here now, and ready for you to digest with a Fresca chaser (Hi Gemini!). Fasten your seat belts. Please welcome back the lovely Holly Godarkly and Part 3 of her journey.
Doc here, a man who some say shaves daily with Occam's Razor, with a timely Flash report from The Guy with the Glasses. TGWTG was johnny on the spot covering last week's noon visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater by out of town guests Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest. With steno pad in hand (OK, maybe not), and pen at the ready (OK, maybe not), he captured his point of view on the visit, and his time with Sexy Savannah.
Doc here, a man who some say taught at a summer yoga retreat, specializing in summoning of the elusive succo di signora for it's members, with a Flash Report from regular contributor Anaconda. Anaconda traveled to the legendary Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ and has filed this report with The Good Doctor. It's a good one folks...
It has been a long time since we have heard from Hotwife and Squidly. You see, they lived and worked in South Korea (at least, until recently), and they would report in on their efforts to find a lifestyle scene in South Korea. Imagine The Good Doctor's surprise when he received this terrific report and pics this morning. And ladies and gentlemen, this report is all sorts of awesomeness. This report illustrates the value of taking one's time diving deeper into the lifestyle.
Doc here with a Visit Announcement for this coming Tuesday, July 28th 2015, for 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. The time is set right now for "mid-day" (will update with more specific info as it comes in). Coming in to enjoy a matinee at 15th Ave. is the lovely Sexy Savannah and her co-pilot, Mr. Midwest. They were nice enough to send in a note to The Good Doctor about their visit, and being the benevolent soul I am, was happy to oblige in getting the word out.
Doc here with a little something to get your juices running in anticipation for September's Back to School Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT: The Journal's promo video for the event!
Doc here, a man who some say once had a sweet relish named after him, with a review from senior Journal reporter, H-Man. H-Man has taken the time to screen the three HOT videos from A-Z that were re-published yesterday on the Journal, and wanted to add his two cents and perspective on the scene. So without further ado, please welcome back to the Journal, H-Man!
Doc here, a man who some say has fought off sharks in both the sky and the sea with nothing more than a ball-pein hammer and a cannoli, with a great Flash Report from senior reporter, The Oral Reporter. His most recent trip to Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas, Texas was a grand slam home run, and the type of night most of us only dream about. I hope he played a lottery ticket before he left Big D.
Doc here, a man who some say worked the regional carnival circuit, giving impromptu mustache rides to members of the Ladies Auxillary, with a great Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors Central MA Fun Couple. John & Brenda (the CMFC) visited the mighty Art Cinema Friday night 7/17, the evening before the Beach Blanket Bango Party. That evening was a busy one, as The Good Doctor was busy working in the lobby of The Art making up the swag bags for the next night's festivities. And by the sounds of this report, it was a hot and wet night for them!
Internet sensation Cathy, the hottest MILF on the net, will be at CTs Adult Theater on Friday 8/7 for theater and GH fun.