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Signalling submission through posture and position, through service and surrender. Serafina's beautiful bottom is featured beautifully signaling submission.
I was reading about a boy who just received his collar from his Domme and how happy he was showing it off with enthusiasm and pride. He posted a picture on the website for everyone to see and talked about how she would take it off for him when he left for work and put it back on when he returned. He would kneel for her to put the collar on. I read this and I could feel his happiness and could imagine his Domme smiling at him with pride when putting on his collar and the love they share together.
When it comes to relationships there are two growing trends that are like nails on a chalkboard to me. The first is strings. It seems like there is always strings attached to a relationship whether it is a romantic relationship or a friendship.
Seduction, submission, blow job. All while blindfolded in a chair ...