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That moment as I barely my arse for my master
Realization regarding insertions into other people's bodies and good news about name changing.
A slut's badge of shame is a glowing red arse
learning through discipline
Fantasising in the bath
I flinched as he leaned forward in his chair and ‘informed’ me that “real women” aren’t like me. “In my experience, women are desperate to give up control. Never the other way around. I’m intense; I like to overwhelm women, and that’s what they like. You’re just being contrary. Intransigent.”
Erotic fiction in a military setting, co-written with a friend. This is part 13 of The Instructor.
I've been daydreaming about leaving and taking him with me.
If I didn't hold back, I might spit diamonds.
About communication when you embark on the journey of an online relationship