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I believe that trust is more important than monogamy
Cuffed to the bed, then back door fucked
A submissive's love of the humble silk scarf.
I follow my master's lead
A torrent of fear cascades down my cheeks, feral, unrelenting, a visual descriptive of the narrative within. His aura surrounds me, crimson, charred, pulsing in time with his cruel sadistic heart.
The choice of implement was mine, what occurred after, His. Some strokes were met with groans of pure delight, others were met with silence and tears. After the last blow fell upon my body, He made it all better with four little words. ďYouíre welcome, my petĒ
If I simply knelt at your feet, humble, quiescent? No fanfare, no fight, no brat, no personality Just me.
Throughout most of my active sexual life, I have considered myself as straight. I love having sex with women. Ok so itís often deeply perverted, kinky, wet, messy sex, but itís with women. I have never had any interest in being alone with and having any form of intimacy with a guy... ...However I have noticed over the past couple of years, a very subtle shift in these desires...
I'm spending New Year's Eve alone for the first time in a while. I miss him... and I miss the sex.
Kinks come in all flavours