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Read abouit my D/s relationship with my Husband
Provocative photo and caption: YOU JUST WOKE UP NAKED IN BED NEXT TO ME. Using only 3 words, what would you say to me?
A fortune cooking leads to thoughts of erotic spanking. Short prose.
A submissive is submissive because she wants to be. Of course she can end or change that at any time. I respect this gift she has given me, this gift of herself. As long as we are in agreement as to the definition of our relationship, where she is mine to do with as I please, I can tell her what to wear, how far to bend over, etc. She has already chosen to allow me to make these decisions, for both of us.
“Which fairy are you? What’s YOUR favorite accessory?” I just noted the other day how much I adore BEING the sexcessory! Which fairy am I??
It's a sub day.