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A celebration of my submission
Episode 4 of Loving BDSM is hosted by John Brownstone and he discusses how he discovered BDSM and became the Dominant he is today.
In the second episode of Loving BDSM, a new podcast, Kayla discusses effectively communicating with your Dominant and ways to get around the nervousness a submissive might feel.
Rayne answers the question: How do I get my dominant to play with me more?
Rayne answers the question: How do I approach my dom about being kept secret from his wife?
Showing my favourite LBD for #SinfulSunday
I love wearing my plug, but being plugged as punishment is definitely not on my list of things I love.
Her transgression earns her the first kiss from his belt.
His touch restores her
Rob forces Hannah to watch as he fucks me