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This week's #TMITuesday confessional
A reader asks what to do when his dominant pushes his hard limits without consent.
Serving Him when He comes home
A reader asks: Can someone explain exactly what race play is? How does it work? Say you’re a White Man (Master) and a Hispanic Woman (Slave) or a Black African-American Woman(Dom) and a White Man (Slave).
Latest article looking at results of my BDSM & Money story. Looks at who spends money on bondage stuffy, hitty things, play piercings, etc.
There’s a Perverted Slut in every Man. He saw her profile and it seemed a bit out of place for such a main stream dating site. Her words were bold and he felt he needed to challenge her concerning her stand on domination. After all… he was of the male species and an expert when it came to buckling the knees of a woman. She would be no exception.
Sometimes, my mouth is simply just another hole for him to fuck
I love cum
Sometimes, he takes my breath away...
Pushing boundaries is something all of us do to grow. We all just have different ways to do it.