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Red mostly means stop, but when saying red during a session it doesn't necessarily means that everything cannot continue again.
He's not really a quiet man, but is calm, unhurried and friendly. There's a big chance that you will hear a lot more about Mister Silent in future.
I think it's beautiful when a sub/slave can push her boundaries, but I also think that she needs to be exposed to pain regularly to be able to do that.
Don't ever ask me how you can please me, but use me for your pleasure, because only then will I experience my own pleasure.
Reading some words on another submissive's blog, I was struck with some thoughts about my own submissive nature and I needed to write about it.
Trying to puzzle out why I have a hard time writing about my new relationship.
A good fucking is what a girl like me needs. I thrive sexually on a lot of attention.Thankfully my man understands this and delivers.
Even though my knees and ankles hurt when I am on my knees, I love to kneel. It brings out the submissive in me and makes me feel save.
It isn't always easy to tell the person you love what you desire sexually. Particularly if its not vanilla sex. Communication is key when you want kink in the bedroom.
During Eroticon Live 2016 I was branded. A beautiful butterfly was burned into the skin of my left outer thigh and I love it!