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What's on your kinkmas tree? I've got buttplugs, cock locks, nipple clamps, and a partridge in a pear tree.
Reader Q&A: Testicles, dicks, Harold & relationships
Do dominant women like male submissives with big cocks or small penises? I answer the question.
Sometimes my submissive mumbles, babbles, and begs, but I know exactly what he means.
My submissive boyfriend shows up to my office unannounced and we consider having sex at work.
I enjoy untying him as much as I enjoy bondage. He's so beautiful when he is unbound.
When he opens his mouth to breathe, drop the pill as far back into the mouth as possible. Without letting go of the nose, quickly pour the water into your petís mouth. With the nose plugged, your pet will have no choice but to to swallow the pill and liquid in order to breathe (otherwise, he will choke).
I like moving slowly through the day, unrushed, enjoying the anticipation of what comes later, after a lazy afternoon and a good meal, after Iíve been hungry for him all day, after I canít handle wanting him any more and give up any guise of self-control. I like walking past the tables and discussing what to make for dinner, all the while thinking of the delicious ways Iíll use J later in the evening.
What I havenít ever admitted here is that J has always been leaving.
I chuckle, then the laugh dies in my throat at how hard you can be.