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Submission is at the heart of BDSM, without bottom there can be no top, without the submissive partner there can be no dominant master or mistress.

True submission can take a lifetime to achieve and some spend a lifetime aspiring to it. But everyone’s submission is different; Physical, mental and emotional submission mix into the tapestry of a submissive’s relationship with their master/mistress to create something unique and special.

Sex for a submissive often involves discomfort and sometimes pain, but this depends on the submissive and their master – but whatever the mix of pleasure and pain it always makes for an interesting and sexy read.

Don't ever ask me how you can please me, but use me for your pleasure, because only then will I experience my own pleasure.
During our last date with The Talker, he took my nipples between his fingers and pinched. The pinch definitely made me listen to what he wanted me to do.
Reading some words on another submissive's blog, I was struck with some thoughts about my own submissive nature and I needed to write about it.
How my new owner entrances me.
After some questions I have decided to write a reflection post on the first date that we had with The Talker. I might write about this 'new' kink some more.
In this last part of our first date with the talker you read more about anal play, bondage, me being fucked and swallowing twice in less than five minutes.
We broke the puzzle and rebuild it, only to realize it was perfect the way it was before. We have come full circle with our D/s relationship.
The story of our date with The Talker continues. There was a leather strap, a special whip, marks, hair pulling and of course the Doxy.
When it comes to sex or any kind of sexual things I don't take any initiative but you need to tell me what I should do. Otherwise, it won't happen.
Your words push into me about your plans for me, hurting me, fucking me, making me completely yours to use at your will