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Submission is at the heart of BDSM, without bottom there can be no top, without the submissive partner there can be no dominant master or mistress.

True submission can take a lifetime to achieve and some spend a lifetime aspiring to it. But everyone’s submission is different; Physical, mental and emotional submission mix into the tapestry of a submissive’s relationship with their master/mistress to create something unique and special.

Sex for a submissive often involves discomfort and sometimes pain, but this depends on the submissive and their master – but whatever the mix of pleasure and pain it always makes for an interesting and sexy read.

I especially like this porn while I’m on my knees sucking/choking on Whitman’s cock
A piano bench, elaborately upholstered in the softest velour, in the center of the empty room. Lit by spot light from above, I am the show. Light captures the curves and dips of my back with each breath I take. On all fours, I catch your movements out of the corner of my eyes. I dare not look up. My vision focused on the burgundy fabric, occasionally looking at your finely shined boots as they pass by. Your step is as heavy as your hand on my hip.
To be honest I never gave faith much thought when I discovered I was kinky. I had been drifting away from organized religion for years, but when I read on a blog (which I can’t recall now) that someone was having to come to terms with her Christianity and desires for kink/submission it made me [...]
It’s lunch time and for the first time in many years, James shuts the door to his office and locks it. With a push of a button, he calls his assistant Cassandra, asking her to make sure he is not disturbed for the duration of his lunch. “Yes Sir,” she breathes into the phone. For a second, James is transported back in time, many years ago, to the last time his office door needed to be locked. He shakes the pleasant memory from his mind and continues with the task at hand.
I think it was at least 3 years into my relationship with my Master before I had to cook for Him. I was terrified at the thought. When I visit Master, He barbeques great steaks or ribs – all meat and potatoes meals. One serving of steak was as much meat as I would eat [...]
I never used to enjoy domestic duties. In fact there are a number of days where I stare at my cleaning list as if doing that would make it disappear. However, I have slowly seen how having a clean house really makes it a home. Two years ago I stopped working outside the home and [...]
The sun wakes Noelle up and she smiles as her thoughts run to James. She glances at the laptop on the desk. Though she is happy staying in bed among the warm sheets, Noelle is more excited about seeing any possible messages from James. She runs her fingers along the pad and the screen wakes up. Noelle giggles as she sees James has left her a message on her IM.
As James’ fingers apply the gentlest of pressure against her neck, Noelle’s heart pounds in her chest. She feels her cunt lips swell and throb, as moisture gathers between them. She aches for James’ touch between her thighs. His hands slide away from her neck, as one fingertip presses into the bottom of her chin, lifting her up and off her knees. She’s face to face with her owner, but before she can even blush, James kisses her soft lips. Noelle breathes into him, releasing herself. She begins to wobble and James takes hold of her wrists, pulling her into him.
The new year was already here, but he told himself and his precious new girl, that she was his Christmas gift for being such a good boy all year. It was no surprise then, that he fondly named her, Noelle. They met months ago, crossing paths on a random social network meant for people with kinkier tendencies. He had been on the verge of deleting his account, while she had left her’s dormant for quite some time. It was because a “friend” commented on one of her photos, that he even took notice in the girl. It’s true that the endless supply of photos on her profile is what demanded James’ attention at first, but it was her words that drew him even closer. She didn’t say much, but what she wrote spoke deeply to him. She had lost her way and in between the lines he could read her struggles and frustrations. Instantly, he felt the swell in his cock, desiring her as his new lamb.