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Submission is at the heart of BDSM, without bottom there can be no top, without the submissive partner there can be no dominant master or mistress.

True submission can take a lifetime to achieve and some spend a lifetime aspiring to it. But everyone’s submission is different; Physical, mental and emotional submission mix into the tapestry of a submissive’s relationship with their master/mistress to create something unique and special.

Sex for a submissive often involves discomfort and sometimes pain, but this depends on the submissive and their master – but whatever the mix of pleasure and pain it always makes for an interesting and sexy read.

A fortune cooking leads to thoughts of erotic spanking. Short prose.
National Masturbation Month. Don't mind if I do...
Sexual injury at its finest...
The bell chimes promptly at 20:00, followed by a faint, delicate knock at the door. James contains his excitement as best he can. He doesn’t need to look through the doors peephole to know who’s on the other side, but he does so any way. His eye gazes on his little lamb and he can not help but smile. Noelle bites her lower lip, fidgeting with her skirt, as she looks over her shoulder several times. She raises her hand for another try at the door and James takes in a deep breath before opening it.
Wank Wednesday is the weekly blog carnival for erotica writers. This weeks prompt is Shield
I'm counting days apart. He's counting up my Naughty Points.
“You spoil me,” he says to me. “I do? I can stop” “No need. I did not say it was a bad thing. You fill my ego as well as make my cock swell. I was not complaining.” “Yes, but I do not want it to get boring or excessive.” “You do not bore me…and if you become excessive you will be reigned in…as a submissive should be…” “hmmmm….”
Last night my submission consumed me. My ache for him reappeared. The night was cool and without a second body to keep me warm, I wore socks and my plaid pajama bottoms and nothing more. Except, of course, my pink collar. Last night I made it tight. Tight like a hand at my throat. As he would say: “Make it tight. Tight like a hand holding you down while your body is pounded with brutal intensity. Hardened flesh ravaging soft, tender flesh. The chain of your nipple clamps held tightly between my teeth.”
Give me the strength of patience, for there are days I have none. The ache in my mind, body and soul, is at times, too strong. Send me relief where there is none. May my desires not turn to needs, for a need unmet brings great sadness. Teach me that great things come to those that wait. My day will come and when it does, it will be glorious.
progression from light restraint and spanking to heavier restraint, heavier physical torment, sensory deprivation, breath play, denial