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Submission is at the heart of BDSM, without bottom there can be no top, without the submissive partner there can be no dominant master or mistress.

True submission can take a lifetime to achieve and some spend a lifetime aspiring to it. But everyone’s submission is different; Physical, mental and emotional submission mix into the tapestry of a submissive’s relationship with their master/mistress to create something unique and special.

Sex for a submissive often involves discomfort and sometimes pain, but this depends on the submissive and their master – but whatever the mix of pleasure and pain it always makes for an interesting and sexy read.

A girl pays for misconduct at work with a spanking.
Red couch, red lace, red ass
We had an interesting first meeting with someone who I have named 'The Talker'. This is his introduction...
On being properly clean, inside and out.
In which our candidates see their accommodation, and prepare for the days ahead.
The destination reached, not without incident. There is a volunteer for a dousing.
Illustrated record of waxing a friend's girly bits using very large quantities of hot wax.
Waxing my partner's girly bits: My pleasure in her pain.
After flirting online a couple finally get together to fulfil thier sexy fantasies in a hotel room.
Pushing boundaries is something all of us do to grow. We all just have different ways to do it.