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"His arm is hard now, plunging his fingers inside of me with force..."
creative, funny, strange, sexy fill-in the blanks post
His soft, sexy kisses started to get harder and he pushed me against the counter, groping my whole body with his hands. I gasped loudly into him. Holy crap! I met this guy like 2 hours ago! But fuck, please don’t stop! I have had boys push me against things and make out with me, but it wasn’t anything like this. J is skillful in technique and perception. He could read me - let me take my breath when my legs almost gave out, knew when to graze my skin to give me chills, when to kiss me harder or slower. I was putty in his arms. And I wanted him. I could feel my wetness soaking my panties. He broke the kiss and leaned back; I was unable to find the clarity to open my eyes for a few seconds. And when I did he was standing there with the sexiest grin on his face. He gave me a low growl and said “We should go upstairs and fuck before we go out.” What?? The statement shocked me, my brain was also still a bit blurry from the kiss. I wanted to so badly – but aren’t ladies not supposed to do that? Fuck men they just met? “Why?” I shakily questioned. “What do you mean why? I can tell we will have fun.” “Why is that?” “You’re very responsive,” he purred as he played with my hair and cradled my ass. Shoot, I want him, but probably shouldn’t. Maybe when we get back. Can I wait that long? J didn’t wait for an answer, he picked me up in one swift motion, shooting a smile across my lips as I released a little squeal of joy. Impressively, he carried me up the whole flight of stairs to his door, and placed me softly on the mattress. My heart was about to punch a hole though my ribs.