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When editing this photo I thought of the title for this post - wall hugger - and learned that there actually is an explanation in the urban dictionary!
When I am outside, and especially when I am naked, I feel like I am in my natural habitat. I wish I could be naked in nature a lot more.
He lifts the skirt of my dress and sighs taking a moment to absorb my lace top stockings.
Sometimes the beautiful patterns hidden under our clothes are more exciting than those we choose to show to the eyes of the world.
I took an image from a series which showed marks after an intense session. I changed it to a black and white image and love the result.
Changing an image of a couple of years ago to give it a vintage glow has been quite a trend in this year's series for February Photofest.
The first thing you see when you look at this image is the lace of the stockings, and then your eyes are drawn to the piercing.
There is something really magical about seeing the blood on my bottom when the vampire gloves were used, or the vampire paddle.
When we met Mister Silent I was ordered to wear a dress, stockings and shoes, nothing more. That is what I did and this is what he saw.
Sexy clothes, high heels and trapped between the wall and the door.