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Squirting is another term for female ejaculation, also known as gushing. It differs from the normal moistness and generation of fluid that occurs in a woman’s vagina during sexual arousal. It is often mistaken for urination, meaning that many women try to avoid ejaculation when they have experienced it, believing they have lost bladder control during love making.

However squirting is nothing to do with urination and is simply the production of copious amounts of fluid from the Skene’s Glands. Although porn is often depicted in pornography as the production of gallons of fluid this is a myth and means a lot of people regard genuine female ejaculation or squirting as a myth too. But for women and couples who have experienced squirting either during penile penetrative intercourse or by direct digital stimulation of the G Spot (on the anterior vaginal wall) the experience is exciting and often very sensual.

Back in 2014 we had a date with The Traveler where I left the sheets on the bed wet after a sexy and hot squirting experience.
I still remember the first squirt - the first time ever that fluids sprayed from my cunt when I had an orgasm. I only later learned what it's called.
A story combining a kink of the week topic of squirting with masturbation Monday.
Doc here, a man who some say just keeps repeating "Johnny Winter is coming, Johnny Winter is coming!", with a whopper of a Couples Flash Report from my good friends, Khal & Khaleesi (AKA The Mother of All Squirters). Last Saturday the alarm sirens rang throughout Chicago's western suburbs, as a #SaturdayTsunami was headed right for 15th Avenue Adult Emporium. And riding the crest of this tsunami was the gorgeous Khaleesi, along with her squire, the dapper Khal. At when the timing was at it's most critical, The Good Doctor lit The Lizardo Lantern to signal their impending arrival at 15th Ave.
#OperationAfternoonWave was a seminal event for senior reporters Khal & Khaleesi, as they took aver 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago for an afternoon of debauchery. Luckily for us, first time caller/long time listener The Volunteer was there with his notebook in hand, and has filed this report.
What can I say about the amazing Khaleesi and her sergeant at arms, Khal? The Mother of All Squirters is a first ballot 2016 all-star, and this brand new set of pics from them illustrate just how hot Khaleesi is in theater-wear. I hope the outfits are LJR (Lady Juice Repellent).
ell kids, the force of nature known in some circles as the "Mother of All Squirters", Khaleesi (along with her partner in crime, Khal) is back with a killer gallery of new pics to entertain and arouse you. Pics so hot and wet they could make a grown man beg for mercy.
It seems like it was just yesterday I was hosting rhe amazing Art Cinema's Valentine's Party in Hartford, CT on 2/13/16. On an evening where the temps hovered around zero outside, the temps inside were hot with action from the floor to the last row in balcony. Speaking of the last row in the balcony, my good friend's M&S were back at this party and have a great report (and pics) from the event.
Khal and Khaleesi are taking The Journal by storm, as their reports and pics have earned a tad over 31,000 pageviews since they were published. And now with this, their second visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, Khaleesi is raising her game to new heights. And before I turn the report over to these kids, I'd like to mention a few words about Khaleesi. She is a stunning looking woman. On the evening in question, she was dressed in the perfect adult theater-wear, and she was in all her squirting glory. A daily-double of awesome.
Squiring Goddess Khaleesi is back and wetter than ever.