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These black fetish absorbent pads from are so versatile. They're great for pee play, squirting fun, puppy play, period play, dogging & lots of other uses
I still remember the first squirt - the first time ever that fluids sprayed from my cunt when I had an orgasm. I only later learned what it's called.
Today's FebPhotoFest features the rad squirt necklace I made Bex...and boobs.
Tonight without any formalities or verbal communication we slipped off to the bedroom from the office next door. We both knew from the mutual look in our eyes that we…wanted it.
Squirting or female ejaculation. Is it a parlor trick? Why can't I shoot across the room? If I don't squirt, is that a sign of a bad lover? My road to squirting.
I don’t know if my vaginal wiring has changed but I’ve been experiencing squirting with regularity of late. lol
I like to think of myself as being trendy and up to date with the latest things
Im starting to really enjoy the submissive side of my character
Last night I finally told him I wanted to go to a swingers club
The extras include interviews with Dylan and Mickey, along an anatomy PowerPoint by Sherry Winston, RN. The best special feature, though, was the great g-spot myth-busting presentation and anatomy lesson with Dr. Queen. She’s got a big stuffed vulva! I want one!! Wait! I LOVE A STUFFED VULVA (who doesn’t?!), but I mean she has a stuffed vulva DEMONSTRATION PILLOW!! awesome_vulva_mini Seriously…how awesome IS THIS thing??!! This part of the movie was WAY MORE INFORMATIVE and WAY MORE HELPFUL than the call in question and answers early in the show.