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Who hasnít tried a little playful spanking in the bedroom? And who hasnít fantasised about taking it a little further. Certainly the mention of spanking generates a reaction, positive or negative.

Well, whether spanking is your biggest turn-on or just something that spices up your sex from time to time. Whether itís your true fetish or just something that you enjoy from time to times thereís lots to read here, real and fiction but all fun and sexy.

Red couch, red lace, red ass
We had an interesting first meeting with someone who I have named 'The Talker'. This is his introduction...
A man named Marcus Johnson, who prides himself on being the real life Christian Grey (minus all that abusive crap), hires a few Australian escorts. Melissa tells us what happened.
A downloadable Excel file that generates the kink-o-gams used in "Matched Pair"
In which Rodrick finally gives Constantina some clothes and takes her into his world.
More sexy times with Rodrick and Constantina
In which Rodrick gets down to business.
Do you consider a corrective spanking/caning/thrashing as a pleasure or a punishment? See what I answered...
In which Constantina rummages through Rodrick's things.
My thoughts on corrective spanking for Food for Thought Friday