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Who hasnít tried a little playful spanking in the bedroom? And who hasnít fantasised about taking it a little further. Certainly the mention of spanking generates a reaction, positive or negative.

Well, whether spanking is your biggest turn-on or just something that spices up your sex from time to time. Whether itís your true fetish or just something that you enjoy from time to times thereís lots to read here, real and fiction but all fun and sexy.

Today Skelly tells you about what he has seen almost a year ago, when Master T used the vampire paddle and drew blood from Rebel's bottom.
It isn't always easy to tell the person you love what you desire sexually. Particularly if its not vanilla sex. Communication is key when you want kink in the bedroom.
The word of the week is: Flogger.
The beauty of a woman's bottom in red
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The S is for Sadism, Safeword, Speculum, Submission and Spanking.
Rodrick shows Constantina the gardens.
A is for apple, delicious and red, like an arse thatís been spanked and then sent off to bed. B is for backside, for butt, and for bum, and donít forget bottom, thatís my favorite one. C is for caning...
In the few months weíd been hanging out together, Iíd come to notice he couldnít resist a challenge. He set his phone down next to mine, flashlight turned upwards. Between the light from the phones, the half-window at the front of the basement, and the open doors at the back, we could see each other well enough. ďIf youíre not going to turn around yourself,Ē he began. I squealed as he took me firmly by the shoulder and turned me around and then pushed me down so that I was bent over before him. I could tell that the hem of my dress had ridden well above the line of decency.
The searches that lead people to my site
A misunderstanding leads to laughter and anticipation for two spanking enthusiasts out on a drive. This is a little slice of life, but if you like the writing, stay and peruse - there's plenty of NSFW erotica content, too.