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Who hasnít tried a little playful spanking in the bedroom? And who hasnít fantasised about taking it a little further. Certainly the mention of spanking generates a reaction, positive or negative.

Well, whether spanking is your biggest turn-on or just something that spices up your sex from time to time. Whether itís your true fetish or just something that you enjoy from time to times thereís lots to read here, real and fiction but all fun and sexy.

It's been ages since I have last been spanked and somehow the last days a spanking has definitely been on my mind. I think I need one.
Selena's punishment begins.
Rha'han begins giving Selena a taste of his discipline.
Rha'han and Selena discuss what is and isn't abuse.
The bath intensifies and Rha'han discovers Selena's weakness.
The bath begins.
Selena learns her position and sees what she's dealing with.
Rha'han brings Selena to his home.
Selena learns the reason behind the attack.
Rha'han marks his captive.