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Who hasnít tried a little playful spanking in the bedroom? And who hasnít fantasised about taking it a little further. Certainly the mention of spanking generates a reaction, positive or negative.

Well, whether spanking is your biggest turn-on or just something that spices up your sex from time to time. Whether itís your true fetish or just something that you enjoy from time to times thereís lots to read here, real and fiction but all fun and sexy.

After disobeying her master, Natalie is finally getting her punishment.
She was heading for a boring Christmas and wanted something to remind her of better times, so she asked for a Christmas spanking.
All about spanking
A thorough and honest review of the Zado Heart Spanking Paddle. A genuine leather, petite paddle with a heart cut out and reinforced handle.
Daesha shares some of the cultural peculiarities of Klothar with Selena.
The conclusion of Abby's vacation spanking, featuring tawsing, caning, and a brave bottom discovering a new position.
A true life spanking vignette. Abby and Mr. W go on a mini vacation and have a chance to rediscover their passion for spanking and each other.
Selena awakes after a wild night and begins to contemplate her situation during a relaxing shower.
Rha'han continues tormenting Selena while passions ignite
The time he spanked me so hard and for so long that he got a blood blister in his hand