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A thorough and honest review of the Zado Heart Spanking Paddle. A genuine leather, petite paddle with a heart cut out and reinforced handle.
An honest review of the House of Eros Rose Pattern Shoe Paddle. A paddle that gave more response than I deserved. With a versatility to suit many tastes.
Trying to persuade a protective, loving man to go against his nature and bruise for pleasure
He seems unsure, but puts on the red dress anyway. Beat me, whip me, call me Judy. Seems like a male submissive to me.
This bondage kit from Rocks-Off encourages you to “Slap & Tickle” your lover into obeying your every command. The rather classy black and red box contains a selection of S & M themed items aimed at taking S & M beginners on their
Part 2 of Silent night. Spanked for being disobedient.
I have some Christmas spirit, but mostly naughty...and you?
Im starting to really enjoy the submissive side of my character
The Pink Report challenged me to display and discuss my favorite spanking pic of all time. I have several that appeal to me for different reasons. Read and see why.