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I was heading for a date where the room would be filled with the dominance of three people.
We don't use safewords when we play -- never have, and never will.
My personal thoughts regarding limits in BDSM, detailing a little of my journey into discovering what mine were.
Pleeeese? Pretty please? Please will you do X to me? ;)
My hard limits include furries, My Little Pony play, Steely Dan, and a number of others that are far less interesting.
That night, I let him ramble–I enjoy him so much when he’s subspacey–but I didn’t respond to his comment. In the days that followed, the thought bounced around in my brain. While I’m not into the act, the thought of him breaking his limits really turned me on. His deciding to violate boundaries (ones he set for himself) would mean he was farther into his submission. That? That’s fucking hot.
For those reasons, (and again, in the context of my current relationship), I reject the idea that my partner has soft limits. He has hard limits… and then there’s everything else. Of course, within the realm of “everything else,” there are things he doesn’t enjoy and things he dislikes, but I don’t consider those “soft limits” because in our context, soft limits don’t exist.