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An erotic story about being bound and slapped, flying through subspace.
"She wanted to slap him. He was so beautiful she wanted to slap him, watch the shock and the recoil and the fear of it."
Face slapping as part of BDSM can be vulnerable, intimate, and hot. It might be better than kissing.
A dominant woman answers questions about crossdressing, communication, BDSM discipline and punishments, and sadism for its own sake.
My hands hurt from smacking the crap out of my slave Chael
My slave and I dealing with his recent admissions of lying, very serious lying. Punished twice already today, rode line on a third time. Doctor appointments made for stuff, work things done.
She hits him, he is stunned into stillness
Why do guys go crazy for fishnets?
Last night I finally told him I wanted to go to a swingers club