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It's time to bring Skelly back to life, don't you think? He's been in hiding for so long, totally forgotten in his wooden box.
Skelly is my little puppet friend who went on many adventures with us, but has been sleeping in his coffin for quite some time now.
Today Skelly tells you about what he has seen almost a year ago, when Master T used the vampire paddle and drew blood from Rebel's bottom.
We had a playdate and he forgot the condoms...
Being the fifth wheel mostly isn't fun, and sometimes it's okay to be the quiet one, just watching the fun.
Rebel took me, Skelly, on a trip to Bristol with them and I think there's something she has to tell you... go ask her!
Allow Skelly to tell you about his experience with phone sex...
Skelly is one happy skeleton man, as ready as he can be to play with my nipple.
Skelly was testing a collar and tasting Rebel.
Introducing The Skeleton Man, but you may call him Skelly.