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A bad girl gets a spanking from her daddy, and it pushes her to the edge.
Master T wondered about my boundaries when one night He grabbed my throat and I almost instantly entered subspace.
Posture training is a daily part of our lives, while I train to hold a submissive position for at least ten minutes.
Collaring ceremonies is the topic for this week's kink of the week. Read to see whether we had a collaring ceremony.
Some women are denied orgasms for punishment. I was punished with one orgasm during lunchtime for four working weeks.
Master T and I had a conversation about relationships and the subject change to me being interested in having a task master.
The kink of the week subject for this week is funishment, which can be seen as punishment but for mutual enjoyment.
Master T has decided that I need to do some posture training, in order to be able to wait for Him in a submissive pose.
Standing on my knees, my ass in the air, my pussy inviting Him in, I feel like an object, ready to be used.
Being punished for something I have done is not always nice, but sometimes necessary.