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This weekend we are spending quality time with two lovely people, and I have admitted before: I am slightly in love with the woman.
During a date with The Talker, my golden plug came into play, being pushed in and then pulled out again, causing several sensations.
A sinful sunday picture that delves inside my mind
Dressed in a net catsuit, I posed for pictures and when I looked at those pictures afterwards, I finally believed I can be sexy again.
It is all about cock in my Sinful Sunday this week
The challenge for Sinful Sunday was to shoot from below. Master T had a twist on this, which resulted in this framed image.
a new nude self portrait for sinful sunday ;)
In the image in this post I seem to be hugging a tree, but four weeks from now I will be hugging a lovely woman whom I am slightly in love with.
A double exposure image showing two of me
Twinkle is what my little star did as I pushed a dildo deeper into me. I could hear my piercing rings tinkle against the glass.