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A Sinful Sunday image with no words, only a title, Catching Ghosts
Spooky self portraits for Halloween Sinful Sunday!
A Sinful Sunday image with a little tale of distraction
This image works very well because of the sunny shadows decorating my pussy and legs. Now sharing it for the weekly meme, Sinful Sunday.
I love the little details that are shown on Iron Fist shoes such as these soothers on the soles of the lovely sexy shoes I am wearing.
The Sinful Sunday prompt for October is 'reshoot'. I had a tree image that needed to be reshooted, but now I don't know which one I like best!
Back when I was in school we received corporal punishment and I hated it. Nowadays I sometimes also get it, but I don't hate it anymore.
I lost a piercing, but I was not really sorry about it, since it gave me the opportunity to have my clitoral hood piercing replaced.
Some weeks ago I had a piercing replaced, and at the same time chose for a pink-jeweled ball closure for my clitoral hood piercing.
"Be who you want to be, not what others want to see." - This is a quote that perfectly fits this image, where she and I were being in the moment.