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An image of me half-naked on the rails on a late summer's day in 2016. Being out in nature and listening to the sounds around me is a beautiful thing!
When we met Mister Silent I was ordered to wear a dress, stockings and shoes, nothing more. That is what I did and this is what he saw.
Taking photos for last week's Sinful Sunday resulted into this image where my body seems to be a sloping landscape against the background.
Our first needle play experience
A burning candle and a naked body in the candlelight can give a very erotic image for this month's Sinful Sunday prompt, the first for 2017.
Sinful Sunday's prompt is the letter C.
With a tinseled leg and some nakedness I want to wish all my readers and followers a Merry Christmas. May the joy of the season fill your hearts.
this week's sinful sunday photo
Getting ready for an evening of fun
Sinful Sunday image for this week